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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Parsing the Vote: Shareholder Proposals Can Guide Directors’ Thinking On Corporate...

Why monitoring support for shareholder proposals could be useful when establishing your ESG goals.

Engaging With The Chief Compliance Officer 

Knowing how to provide oversight on compliance and deal with the CCO is a new needed board skill that can't be underestimated
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The importance of engaged board oversight

Why boards need to take a more active role in reviewing AML audits and independent reviews, writes Samantha J Sheen, Director, Ex Ante Advisory Limited

What role can governance play in the fintech sector?

With digitalisation disrupting finance across developed and emerging markets, it's time to assess whether global regulatory architecture can keep pace



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“How We Saved our Planet” – Fundamental Issues

Nicholas Benes - Representative Director of  The Board Director Training Institute of Japan goes into more detail on his "How We Saved Our Planet"...
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Interview with Gabe Shawn Varges – Chairman of the GECN Group

Interview with Gabe Shawn Varges - Chairman of the GECN Group on his recently published article in Ethical Boardroom on Engaging With The Chief...
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Building a Sustainable Future: Corporate Governance in Saudi Arabia

Dr Maryam Ali Ficociello - Chief Governance Officer of The Red Sea Development Company (#TheRedSea) and Jane Valls – Executive Director of the GCC...
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Why Human Capital is on The Board Agenda

Atul Vashistha - Chairman & CEO - Supply Wisdom looks at the way Corporations should be treating their employees – especially frontline and lower-wage...
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Indian Boards and Good Corporate Governance

Mathew John - Manager Board Practice and Communications – Amrop India, outlines the obstacles holding India back from attaining best-in-class governance practices and what...


Ethics in artificial intelligence

With AI taking on a more prominent role in business and our everyday lives, it’s vital that we have a consistent code of ethics and appropriate oversight to govern its responsible development and use

Board practices under spotlight in the US

Are they outdated? Are they effective? What needs to change?


Change is coming

US corporate board performance for the modern age of compliance and the importance of an ethics committee, by Michael Volkov & John Fons