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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

So what does good governance look like?

How investors and boards can move from a tick-the-box approach to actions that are meaningful, explains Beatriz Araújo & Joanna Hewitt -both Partners at Baker McKenzie LLP, London  

Jurisdiction over corruption

Understanding global enforcement trends can help inform company strategy, writes Robert Clark - Legal Research Manager, TRACE International

How compliant are small businesses?

A cost-effective, four-step strategy to reduce risk for SMEs, explains Victor Rudebeck - Associate Director, Compliance, Forensics and Intelligence department, Control Risks

How not to choose a board portal

There are seven essential recommendations for corporate secretaries when it comes to choosing a board portal, explains Dr Katarina Sikavica - Independent corporate governance expert





Crisis readiness, response and recovery

Control Risks has been helping organisations with crisis readiness, response and recovery for more than 40 years. Find out more www.controlrisks.com/3r

Red Eléctrica Corporación discuss their best-in-class governance practices

Red Eléctrica Corporación aspires to the highest standards of corporate governance as they believe that good governance supports long-term value creation. To this end, Red...

Beyond the Paradise Papers: Can Global Tax Avoidance Be Stopped – WEF 18

It's estimated that multinational corporations and high-net-worth individuals have placed over $7.6 trillion in offshore companies. As the US cuts corporate tax rates and...

Agile Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – WEF 18

The rapid speed of technological change is dismantling traditional institutions and mechanisms for governance. What tools can help leaders accelerate their response time, while...

Putting an End to Modern Slavery – WEF 18

Over 40 million people around the world are victims to modern slavery, which is becoming the fastest growing global crime. What will it take...


Executive compensation performance metrics and tax reforms

Five important lessons to learn from the rollout of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, explains Kelly Malafis - founding Partner of Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) & Takis Makridis - President and CEO of Equity Methods

UK governance after Brexit

Continuous improvement is needed in audit and corporate governance to ensure that UK attracts investment, post its EU exit, writes Stephen Haddrill - Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Reporting Council


Sugarcoating extortion

Establishing policies to combat bribery and corruption is pointless unless you tackle the problem of corrupt local officials, writes Mike Kenealy who is the Chief Operations Officer at Insiders Corp. & Michele La Neve is a Managing Partner at Whitecotton Law International