Board Leadership

Nomination committees

Nomination Committees: Coming out of the shadows

While much attention has focussed on the activities of a board’s remuneration, audit and risk committees, the nomination committee is emerging from the shadows as more companies recognise their potential.

Sarah Hopwood Trusy beyone boardroom

Trust beyond the boardroom

 Developing and maintaining meaningful and positive relations can build trust and empowers leaders to achieve their objectives.

Theresa May stakeholders

Rebuilding trust in big business

It is time for all constituencies to be conscious and aware of their respective roles and responsibilities and to exhibit the will to succeed beyond profits and power.

Autism in boardroom

Autism within the boardroom

In the UK it is believed that only 15 per cent of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder are in paid employment, so it is no surprise that we don’t see autistic people in the boardroom.

Fredy Hausammann personal governance

Seven steps to successful personal governance

Strong and sustainable corporate governance can only happen if those in charge of organisations can demonstrate solid personal governance. By Fredy Hausammann, Managing Partner, Amrop Switzerland and Vice Chair, Amrop EMEA

CEO and chairman

Splitting the CEO and chairman roles

Calls by analysts, governance experts and legislators for boards to separate the roles of CEO and chairman continue to rise but the benefits of doing so are not cut-and-dried.

Stephen Haddrill Culture to capital

Culture to capital

Embedding a healthy corporate culture through improving behaviour and high-quality reporting is vital to the success of any business.