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Reconciling Sales Strategy With FCPA Compliance

This article aims to raise organisational and strategic issues that need to be addressed in the context of corruption risk. If we want to address how to reconcile sales strategy with FCPA compliance, any effort that does not take into account organisational culture across divisions, locations and levels of seniority will never be ‘owned’ by the organisation. It cannot take root or succeed.

Implementing an effective Anti-Corruption compliance programme, the key drivers and pitfalls

An effective anti-corruption compliance programme is more vital than ever when it comes to good governance of a corporation. Bribery and corruption have become top priorities when it comes to the challenges faced by today’s enterprises and these risks are posed to companies across the globe.

Corruption and bribery risks in Africa and China – FCPA &...

Businesses can face many varied challenges when navigating the issues of corruption and bribery in Africa and China. Africa's economy is on the rise. Companies face numerous legal and operational risks when considering doing business in Africa. The current primary concerns are centred on issues of bribery and corruption, both of which have historical persistence in African business.