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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Sustainable investment in South Africa

The JSE’s green bond segment aims to boost investment in ESG projects, explains Akshar Sewkuran - Bonds Specialist in Capital Markets, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Ownership data: Protect your reputation & integrity

Complying with legislation is challenging but access to data can help companies make better, faster decisions, explains Louise Green - Chief Marketing Officer, Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics company

IPOs and executive pay

Keeping pace with compensation issues is crucial before, during and after an IPO, by Jim Kzirian - Lead Consultant & Ryan C. Harvey - Partner at Meridian Compensation

Looking forward: The UK Stewardship Code

The Code has led the way but needs to be stronger on social issues & ethics, explains Jen Sisson - Chief of Staff, Financial Reporting Council

Pay disparity: How do female CFOs fare?

Findings in gender pay inequality and opportunity disparity among CFOs at Russell 3000 companies, by Malcolm Adkins - Vice President  & Wes Hart - Managing Director - Pearl Meyer

EGM: A framework for building trust in business

Enterprise governance management brings technical tools and resources to govern at the highest level and deliver long-term success and sustainability, explains Anderson Dy, PhD - Vice President of Sales for Northern/Eastern Europe and Africa, Diligent Corporation

Undertaking an Ethical Transformation

The importance of cultivating and fostering an employee engagement programme, explains By Dr. Caterina Bulgarella & Rebecca Turco - SAI Global’s Vice President of Learning