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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Spain’s ‘micro-proprietary’ directors

Spain’s ‘micro-dominicales’ director status should be addressed by the country’s regulators, explains Claudia Morante Belgrano - Head of Corporate Governance at Georgeson for Spain

Dinosaur governance in the age of unicorns

Tech firms needs to focus on their own specific risks to protect user and investor rights, explains  Alissa Amico - Managing Director, GOVERN

Building a global crisis readiness programme: 13 Pitfalls

By Bill Udell - Senior Partner & Aaron Schwirian - Associate Director - Control Risks   For decades at Control Risks, we have assisted our clients in building crisis...

Online reputation

Mitigating corporate reputation risks in today’s digital world, writes Roz Sheldon - Managing Partner and Head of Client Services, Igniyte

Environmental, social & governance ratings

Environmental and social proposals continue to be a main focus for investors. So, how do they judge their worth? explains Zally Ahmadi - Director of Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation at D.F. King, an AST Company

The power of digital

How software can enable positive change in your business’ communication channels, writes Fraser Doig - Product Marketing Executive, Ideagen

Contract management in the digital age

The ability to systematically manage contract creation, execution and analysis is key to corporate success, explains Markus Fabel - Global Head of Quality & Risk Management Advisory at KPMG

The New Generations within boardrooms

A board’s agenda is increasingly crowded, but a forward-thinking board will leave room for understanding and helping management address the ‘New Gens’ challenges, explains Gabe Shawn Varges - Senior Partner at HCM International & Chairman of the GECN Group

Board malfunctions

Why some boards of directors don’t perform to their full potential and what can be done about it, explains Jean Pousson - Senior Consultant with the Institute of Directors (IoD)

Marching towards convergence

Successive reforms and robust monitoring have boosted Indian corporate governance, explains Dr Niraj Gupta, Head & Mathew John, Senior Associate at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (Corporate Governance & Public Policy)