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Monthly Archives: February 2019

New insights on CEO succession

Strategic leadership profiles and communications planning are key to a director’s preparation, explains Richard Gros - President at Richard Gros & Associates & Jason Schloetzer - Associate Professor of Accounting at Georgetown University

Spotlight on Spain

Non-financial disclosure and proxy season highlights in 2018, highlighted by Paola Gutiérrez Velandía - Corporate Governance and Stewardship Expert

Promoting growth in Japan

How investor stewardship and corporate governance are evolving in Japan, writes Yoshikazu Maeda - Head of Responsible Investment, Governance for Owners, Japan

Australia’s activist awakening

Activism is set to play a larger role in Australia as investors address governance shortcomings and underperformance, explains  Gabriel Radzyminski - Fund Manager, Sandon Capital

Corporate governance within Asia

Winds of change are blowing through Asian stock exchanges, bringing new challenges and improving standards, explains Fianna Jurdant - Senior Policy Analyst, OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Bazley Report A blueprint for change

How boards can test the culture in their workplace, create a speak up culture and whether we can expect legislation to change, explains Kirsten Patterson - CEO of Institute of Directors in New Zealand

Powerful board insights: Ticking all the right boxes?

Value-added board evaluation is achieved by measuring the board against five levels of governance, writes Dr. Debra Brown - President and Chief Executive Officer of Governance Solutions