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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Ethics: Leading from the top

Internal audit can be a key player in ensuring boards challenge organisational culture and prepare for ethical missteps, writes Richard F. Chambers - President & CEO, The Institute of Internal Auditors

The secret life of shell companies

Once seen as the preserve of exotic offshore jurisdictions, these money–laundering tools have been turning up a lot closer to home, explains Steve Goodrich & Ben Cowlick - Members of the Corruption Research Team at Transparency International UK

Corporate governance in Italy: Behind the scenes

An open debate is needed between policymakers, companies and investors on best practice evolution, explains Marcello Bianchi - Deputy Director General at Assonime and Chair of Technical Secretariat, ICGC, Mateja Milič - Assonime and Staff at the ICGC

Re-evaluating shareholder voting rights in M&A transactions

With many high-profile company takeovers leading to negative returns, is it time for compulsory voting? explains Afra Afsharipour - Professor of Law and Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar, UC Davis School of Law

Anti-corruption and GDPR: A collision of galactic proportions

We do not have to wait long to witness the clash between the requirements of international anti-bribery laws and those of personal data protection laws, explains Alexandra Wrage & Illya Antonenko - Alexandra is the President and Founder and Illya is Privacy Counsel at TRACE International

Changing times

A reformation of the board’s sustainability landscape is nigh, writes Helen Pitcher OBE - Chairman, Advanced Boardroom Excellence

Corporate governance codes: Not an end in themselves

National authorities need to actively review legislation to understand how rules are applied in practice, writes Gian Piero Cigna, Milot Ahma & Pavle Djuri of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

In pursuit of effective corporate governance

Getting to the root of some of the problems that beset boards will lead to more rigorous guidance and help achieve better outcomes, explains Dr Peter R. Crow CMInstD - Acknowledged expert on strategy, corporate governance and board effectiveness