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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Diversity on bank boards: Evidence from Bulgaria

The development of good practices in corporate governance demonstrates the importance of a qualified board for ensuring successful supervision and robust risk management, explains Miroslav Nedelchev - Executive member, Bulgarian Institute of Directors

Institutional investors turn to the courts

When protecting asset value through litigation is increasingly seen as your fiduciary duty, explains Charles Demoulin - Partner at Deminor Recovery Services

Transparency: The key to risk management

Adverse public and stakeholder sentiment has prompted organisations to incorporate environment, social and governance issues into day-to-day business decisions, explains Alexandra Mihailescu Bichon - Head of Sales and Marketing, RepRisk

Integrated reporting: chance to make a difference

Shifting to an IR model creates a strong narrative at a time when corporate behaviour is under intense public scrutiny, explains Gerrit van der Merwe - Chief Executive Officer, Candor Governance

Law and economics of hedge fund activism

By Alessio M. Paces - Professor of Law and Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam       Activist hedge funds are the big thing in corporate governance today. They...

Cybersecurity: A fiduciary duty

Practicing good cybersecurity hygiene will not make directors ‘WannaCry’, explains The #CyberAvengers, who are: Paul Ferrillo, Chuck Brooks, Kenneth Holley, George Platsis, George Thomas, Shawn Tuma & Christophe Veltsos

Novo Mercado: Paving the way

The role of the Brazilian stock exchange in shaping Latin America’s corporate governance, explains Santiago Chaher - Managing Director at Cefeidas Group & Co–Director at Universidad de San Andrés Corporate Governance Program

Board gender diversity in Latin America

The feminine advantage: an integral vision of strategic risks, writes Alejandra Mastrangelo - Consultant in Corporate Identity and Governance

Putting cybersecurity at the top of the board’s agenda

Adopting good cybersecurity practice can make a considerable difference in the resilience of your organisation, writes Toby Chinn - Head of Control Risks’ Cybersecurity practice

Why it’s time to start the trust fightback

Business needs to rebuild public confidence by demonstrating it deserves it, explains James Jarvis - Corporate Governance Analyst at the Institute of Directors