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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Reframing the role of an interim CEO

Interim CEOs can be more than 'temps in the corner office' — the right leadership at the right time can make the difference between success and failure for a company in leadership crisis, writes Jason Schloetzer - Associate Professor of Accounting at Georgetown University.

Proxy voting in Spain: the investors’ autumn

There will be no ‘shareholder spring’ for Spain, but autumn will bring new responsibilities and activities for investors, explains Juan M. Preto - Founder and Managing Director of CORPORANCE ASESORES

Activist shareholders and executive compensation

Activist shareholders often apply pressure to curb remuneration levels and plans, explains Patrick Taggerty, Partner & Ira T. Kay, Managing Partner - Pay Governance in New York

Navigating expectations on human rights

The United Nation’s reporting framework for business can help companies and investors improve ethical and financial performance, explains Hanna Roberts - CEO for GES International 

General Data Protection Regulation: Are you ready?

What is GDPR and what does the EU’s new data protection regulation mean for your company?, writes Christian Petersen - Chief Executive Officer, Admincontrol

Successful activism – what does it mean?

Understanding how activists gets paid will enhance corporates’ sensitivity to their shareholders and their ability to respond to a campaign, explains Can Sydorowitz CEO at Georgeson Corporate Advisory

PAN-PAN! An airline’s lesson in staying calm in crisis

Establishing mechanisms that allow you to consider every possible scenario will best prepare for the unexpected, explains Tom McLeod - Managing Consultant, McLeod Governance

Looking at culture through governance lenses

Do we agree that culture is important for ensuring effective decision-making in the boardroom?, writes Jo Iwasaki - Head of Corporate Governance at ACCA

Good governance: The foundation for playing a beautiful game

Especially in the sport sector, management practices ought to exemplify the highest levels of fairness, transparency and stakeholder engagement. In fact, the future trust in sport depends on it, explains writes Michael Pedersen - An internationally recognised expert in sport governance, transparency, ethics and integrity

Taking control of board culture and new realities

Directors spend around one full month a year on board-related matters. So how do you optimise board culture to make sure this time is used effectively?, writes Stuart R. Levine - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC