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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Keeping on the front foot

How European companies can successfully manage their investor engagement process, by Jean-Nicolas Caprasse - Managing Partner at CamberView Partners Europe and Julia Wittenberg - Principal at CamberView Partners Europe

The Trump effect

What the world can expect following the historic 2016 US presidential election, writes Michael Moran - Principal and Chief US/Macro Analyst & Jonathan Wood - Director of Global Risk Analysis - Control Risks

Board composition in the post-Brexit era

Diversity of perspective and experience, as well as vision and imagination, are critical board qualities in this time of exceptional change, writes Gillian Karran-Cumberlege - Partner at Fidelio Partners & Luke Main - Research Associate at Fidelio Partners.

Sugarcoating extortion

Establishing policies to combat bribery and corruption is pointless unless you tackle the problem of corrupt local officials, writes Mike Kenealy who is the Chief Operations Officer at Insiders Corp. & Michele La Neve is a Managing Partner at Whitecotton Law International

What a board doesn’t know can hurt it

Ignorance is no excuse for bad governance. Boards need trained, independent and proactive directors, explains Michael Volkov who is the CEO and owner of The Volkov Law Group.

Red Eléctrica: Switched on to good governance

The Spanish electricity system operator is committed to ethics, integrity, transparency and good governance, writes José Folgado -Chairman, Red Eléctrica

The story behind the scandal: Incentive compensation and corporate recklessness

Companies should adopt clawbacks that apply more broadly than statutory provisions, writes Professor John Coffee, Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law at Columbia University Law School

Aspen aspires to excellence in corporate governance

Africa’s largest pharmaceutical company is committed to ongoing improvement of corporate practices, writes Riann Verser, Company Secretary & Group Governance Officer, Aspen Holdings

The Vodacom way

Vodacom: A company where good corporate, social responsibility and ethics are central to our sustainability, explains Tshepo Ramodibe, Executive Head of Corporate Affairs, Vodacom