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Yearly Archives: 2017

Cyber resilience: A business priority

Cyber exposures are an operational risk to manage, not a problem to solve, explains Bob Parisi - Cyber Product Leader, Marsh

Charting rise of shareholder activism in Australia

Activists are transforming the Australian corporate landscape, writes Jeremy Leibler - Partner at Arnold Bloch Leibler 

PCAOB: Minding the GAAP

Is auditor regulatory oversight beneficial for public companies? asks Nemit Shroff - Associate Professor of Accounting, MIT Sloan School of Management

The benefits of compliance training

Why executive boards should invest in educating employees on company laws, regulations and policies, explains Sally Afonso - Compliance advisor within the financial services industry

Board evaluations: Good defence & good offence

How is your board grading its own performance? writes Taylor Griffin - Chief Operating Officer & William Stern - Managing Director, The Miles Group.

Promoting good governance in Canada

Shareholder engagement is key, writes Stephen Erlichman - Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance

Aviation risk: Cyber threat flies into the boardroom

How to mitigate the impact of cyber threats in aviation, explains Glen Thoms - Executive Director, Cyber & TMT, Willis Towers Watson

When sustainability chimes with stability

For an economy to be sustainable, it needs to be stable. And for an economy to be stable, it needs a reliable financial infrastructure. But what does this entail?, explains Chris Landis - Division CEO, SIX Swiss Exchange

The tech impact: Empowering boards

In search of the holy grail of board work: a clarion call for smarter technology, explains Nancy Falls - CEO of The Concinnity Company

From the outside in

Board evaluation: what investors are looking for from corporate leaders, writes John Roe - Head of ISS Analytics