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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Corporate governance in Latin America

Companies in Latin America that invest time and resources into corporate governance upgrades will see a positive return on their investments, writes Davit Karapetyan, IFC Regional Corporate Governance Lead for Latin America and the Caribbean

Boardroom refreshment

Bringing in new directors is a delicate yet valuable way of building a visionary board, explains Susan Stautberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation

The internet of things: An argument for cyber resilience

Many companies are unprepared for changing digital infrastructure and need to recognise threats and prioritise solutions.

Communicating in a time of crisis

How management responds to a crisis says a lot about the way they do business. Like many things, preparation is key and as part of this exercise we would suggest boards consider five ‘big questions’ when creating their response strategy: scale, advice, sacrifice, stakeholders and perspective, writes James Melville-Ross Senior Managing Director, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting

Achieving higher board effectiveness

Achieving higher board effectiveness goes well beyond adhering to rules, regulations, legal and ethical compliance, writes Johanne Bouchard, Governance and leadership advisor to boards, CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs

Solving the problem of short-termism

Instead of accepting the short-term thinking of legal, business and cultural structures in capital markets, we should focus on changing them, explains Jon Lukomnik, Executive Director, Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute