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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Building up compliance

Highly regulated companies straddle a very thin line that builds business while simultaneously meeting increasingly challenging – and constantly changing – regulatory requirements. The media has focussed much of its attention on the sabre rattling of regulators and the threat of individual liability for compliance executives.

Short-term highs: A dangerous addiction

Next only to Volkswagen’s test evasions, the corporate behaviour that has most shocked and mystified observers in 2015 has been the series of drug price spikes engineered by a small number of pharmaceutical companies.

Solidarity and corporate governance

South American countries compete among themselves to attract foreign investment. The ideal profile for a potential investor is one holding a view to remain in the country long term and a desire to contribute to the economic development of the region. Corporate governance is one of the instruments of autoregulation that drives Latin American governments to promote the presence of this type of investor.

Virtual Data Rooms: Store & share your files securely online

From expediting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to satisfying compliance imperatives and facilitating risk oversight, technology has come to play an increasingly critical role in boardroom activities. The challenge of balancing timely access to sensitive communications with ensuring absolute information security has propelled many corporations and other global entities to rely on virtual data rooms (VDRs).

Dreaming of a corruption risks index

The new government in Nigeria has come to power on the promise of change – reducing corruption, strengthening security and creating jobs. Imagine if this commitment to dealing with corruption were demonstrated by making the policy pronouncement that any entity that is a corruption risk is barred from receiving assistance from the state.

Attracting investment in corporate Africa

What do institutional investors look for as they make their investment decisions? This is – quite literally – the million dollar question, posed by companies seeking capital, investment experts, market-watchers, government officials and economic developers the world over.