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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Internships: A vehicle for getting aspiring directors up to speed?

The duties owed by a new director at their first meeting are no different from those owed by any of the incumbent directors and the duties owed by all directors remain unchanged through the entire period of a given appointment. Furthermore, a board is a collective of directors. Decisions made in the boardroom are made by the board as one and all directors (through collective responsibility) are bound by the decision of the board.

GTBank: Committed to getting it right

Guaranty Trust Bank was one of the first financial institutions in the country to commence the board appraisal more than seven years ago in line with its commitment to best in class corporate governance practices. We believe that a fundamental purpose of a great organisation is the creation of long-term sustainable value in a manner consistent with its principles and the Bank is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, which is a vital facilitator in the creation of long-term sustainable value.

Japan’s shareholder rights and the arms of the revolution

Japan’s return on equity (ROE) revolution is now underway and is evolving into a revolution in corporate productivity and return on investment underpinned by Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, which established fundamental principles for governance at listed companies in Japan, and Japan’s Stewardship Code, which established principles for institutional investors.