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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Maximising Shareholder Engagement in Proxy Voting

Maximising shareholder voting turnout indicates a company’s ability to effectively communicate and motivate their shareholders and helps to insulate companies against potential risks of dissention at future shareholder votes, explains Sheryl Cuisia - Managing Director at Boudicca & Alex Caldwell - Senior Corporate Governance Consultant at Boudicca

Auditing Trends within the Banking Industry

The world witnessed the devastating effect of the global financial crisis which began in 2007-2008. This evolved into a Sovereign Debt Crisis by 2010, and caused the loss of millions of jobs worldwide

Electronic Discovery: The in-housers take charge

There was a time when the conduct of electronic discovery was simply passed to a company’s external lawyers. They in turn would involve external providers of services for the technical aspects of collection and processing and use their own resources (that is, their staff) for the most expensive component, document review

Cybersecurity Risk: Law and Trends

Cybersecurity risk is so pervasive that it is causing an evolution of board members’ ethical and fiduciary duties to require they stay reasonably informed of cybersecurity risks and exercise appropriate oversight in the face of those now well-known risks. Efforts to hold members personally responsible for failing to comply with these duties are underway by legal and regulatory authorities, with protection for investors and data subjects injured by cybersecurity incidents.

Finding the right entity management provider

You’ve determined that your organisation will benefit from the implementation of entity management technology. Once the decision to move forward with an entity management solution has been made, you’ll need to assess providers – as well as your own capabilities – to make certain that the solution will enable you to meet your compliance and governance needs. As you will read, choosing a provider that delivers support, both throughout the initial deployment and as the solution and your requirements evolve, is critical.

Gender Diversity in the UK: Imbalance in the Boardroom

The UK is on the brink of meeting the 25 per cent target set by Lord Davies in his 2011 spring report for the percentage of women on our FTSE 100 boards by 2015. The Davies Steering Committee (of which the author is a member) was established at the end of 2010 by the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to address the male-dominated corporate boardrooms in the UK.

A jet scandal in paradise

Sweden is generally seen as a stable country with a number of interesting global companies to invest in. Normally not much is happening, the market works smoothly and produces healthy returns to shareholders worldwide. Even minority investors have power to monitor and influence. This spring has changed that picture. In less than a month, four chairmen and three managing directors have been replaced in the so-called Handelsbanken-sphere.

A Better Approach to FCPA Compliance

There has been considerable media coverage, as well as corporate concern, arising from increasing levels of costly enforcement of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, anti-bribery and corruption policies and other sovereign anti-corruption statutes. In turn, many international companies have endeavoured to improve their compliance efforts. Achieving truly effective compliance, however, is proving to be illusive. As such, I would suggest undertaking a holistic view to addressing the key underlying issues – the rights and wrongs – as well as what are often the most significant FCPA risks and challenges when operating offshore.