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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Cyber-Risk Oversight: 3 Questions for Directors

Cybersecurity is no longer an emerging issue. Major headlines about breaches in both the public and private sectors have put the topic on every company’s agenda, regardless of size, industry or geographic location. Just like the management teams they oversee, corporate directors are very well aware of the ‘what’: the fact that cybersecurity is a significant threat. What they are looking for is the ‘how’: specific action they can take to be more effective in overseeing management’s activities.

RAK Insurance: Leading the way in governance

Ethical Boardroom talks to Andrew Smith, CEO of the UAE’s RAK Insurance, on the importance of adopting a proactive approach to good corporate governance, promoting strong values and showing commitment to stakeholders.

Bryan Harris Chief Internal Auditor of Alba | Ethical Boardroom

Bryan Harris - Chief Internal Auditor of Alba thanks Ethical Boardroom for being awarded "The Best Corporate Governance - Industrial Services - Middle East 2015" and why upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour sits at the heart of Alba’s committed approach to corporate governance.

Corporate Governance and SOEs

Well-run state-owned enterprises (SOEs) can offer tremendous potential as a driver of inclusive economic growth and development in emerging markets. The importance of SOEs to the economies and welfare of emerging markets cannot be overestimated: in Africa, SOEs are estimated to represent 15 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), while in the Middle East and North Africa they make up more than 50 per cent of GDP. SOEs also play a significant role in the economies of major emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Russia.