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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Corporate Governance in Turkey

The corporate governance debate in Turkey only started in 2002. Influenced by the OECD, the Principles were embraced by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Having the support of the National Assembly, Capital Markets Board of Turkey continue its course of encouraging corporate governance principles in Turkey and raise awareness. Yet, considering Capital Markets Board of Turkey’s reluctance to use its full authority bestowed upon by the Capital Markets Law, we can see that this is a slow process for Turkey.

Corporate Governance issues in New Zealand and Australia

Corporate governance, boards and related topics have attracted much attention in recent years, more so as the search for business performance has moved from the executive suite to what was previously ignored, the boardroom. The situation in New Zealand and Australia is no different. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of current and emerging governance issues in New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, Australia.

Anti-corruption measures when contracting with government agencies in Mexico

This is one of the most common questions that international companies will ask when they start doing business here. It is very challenging to give an easy answer, because the exposure to risk will exist throughout the entire government spending process, starting with the preparation and bidding rules, passing through the procurement process, into the execution and supervision of the services, then finally with the delivery and payment method.

Implementing a Holistic Governance, Risk and Reputation Strategy for Multinationals: Guidelines for Boards

Governance, risk and reputation have all become hot button issues in and outside of the boardroom. Governance is clearly the domain of the boardroom and in recent years improved governance has been widely discussed and debated in the wake of so many corporate scandals and even systemic industry breakdowns (the financial sector comes to mind).