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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Preventing Cyber Attacks: Identifying Top Risks

Achieving a state of regulatory compliance and reducing vulnerability risks to the organization are not the necessarily the same thing as managing your organisations...

Implementing an effective Anti-Corruption compliance programme, the key drivers and pitfalls

An effective anti-corruption compliance programme is more vital than ever when it comes to good governance of a corporation. Bribery and corruption have become top priorities when it comes to the challenges faced by today’s enterprises and these risks are posed to companies across the globe.

South America: A close look at governance in state-owned enterprises: Is something better than...

Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises brings with it an entire set of challenges of its own as compared with privately and publicly owned companies. Within the South American region the majority of corporations are state-owned or partially state-owned, and this makes corporate governance of this particular type of business a significant concern.

Implementing an enterprise-wide governance, risk & compliance strategy

Companies across the globe and across a wide range of industries are applying increased efforts towards the goal of achieving proper enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance. Organisations across various sectors are in various stages of implementation, with the banking sector making the most changes and stringent developments.

The activist evolution & revolution around the world

Shareholders are increasingly making their opinions known and voices heard when it comes to corporate decision making and issues. They are becoming more forceful and effective than ever across a wide range of business strategy and management related issues. Recent developments in corporate governance policies have reinforced a growing shift in fundamentals when it comes to the balance of influence between boards of directors and shareholders in the corporate decision-making process.

Shareholder Engagement: How frequently should boards engage with shareholders?

Following the financial crisis of 2007, there has understandably been a substantial increase in shareholder requests for meetings with the board of directors of the companies these shareholders have invested in. A recent corporate governance research study of board to shareholder engagement activities has indicated that that 87 percent of issuers of various securities,