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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The board and the nomination committee working hand in hand on CEO succession

CEO succession is a critical decision for corporations in the current business climate. Nominating committees must seek talent and must possess the insight and knowledge in selection so as to avoid falling short of finding the best candidate for the role. The nomination committee of an organisation is a fundamental part of the corporate governance structure of the enterprise.

A conflict of interests or just a good business model

Proxy advisory firms – firms that vote shares for hedge funds or institutional investors that hold shares in many companies -- have been the object of regulatory scrutiny recently. “The Securities and Exchange Commission is planning to review recommendations for possible regulatory action targeting proxy

The changing face of audit committees globally

The post crisis climate has made the audit committee role more important than ever. Investors and all related business parties are keeping a closer eye on the corporate governance and regulatory stringency of company financial behaviour and the oversight of this falls to the audit committee.

The changing face of nomination committees globally.

The nomination committee of an organisation is a fundamental part of the corporate governance structure of the enterprise. The nomination committee’s focus predominantly on evaluating the board of directors of the particular organisation as well as examining the talents, characteristics and skills that are required from candidates to be nominated to join the board.

Africa: Is it time for corporate governance to finally make a foothold in Africa?

Africa's economy is growing at a considerable pace; however, numerous legal and operational risks are still being faced by companies attempting to do business in Africa. The current primary concerns are centred on issues of bribery and corruption, both of which have had historical persistence in African business.

The changing face of remuneration committees globally

The corporate scandal revelations and associated media, public and political scrutiny over the last decade has led to a new climate of demanding more stringent remuneration procedures and accountability from corporations. The remuneration committees of enterprises across the globe have been tasked with applying increased disclosure, discipline and accountability in this area.