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The Africa Challenge: Finding Clarity Amid The Storm

Uncertainty is the enemy of investors and of the businesses in which they invest. This is true not just in Africa, but in markets the world over. However, the African business environment arguably poses more risks than other regions. The challenges are deep, daunting and complex - Ebola, technology and skills gaps, disenfranchised youth, economic and political instability, food insecurity - just to name a few.

Corporate Governance will help unlock Africa’s potential

The African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN) was founded in 2013 to promote corporate governance by developing the corporate governance capabilities of its institutional members, by creating a forum to exchange views and by acting as advocate for corporate governance in both government and civil society. The ACGN will also conduct research and store information on corporate governance.

Africa: Is it time for corporate governance to finally make a...

Africa's economy is growing at a considerable pace; however, numerous legal and operational risks are still being faced by companies attempting to do business in Africa. The current primary concerns are centred on issues of bribery and corruption, both of which have had historical persistence in African business.