Launch of the Global Centre for Cybersecurity – WEF 2018


Given the cyber landscape risks, the World Economic Forum has recognised the need for a global centre of excellence focused on cyber. As such we have decided to launch a new public-public private platform in the form of a Global Centre for Cybersecurity dedicated to:

  • Strengthening cyber resilience and robustness,
  • Establish an independent cyber library of best practices,
  • Act as a think-tank, especially in determining future cybersecurity scenarios
  • Assist regions which are less cyber developed in establishing their national/regional cyber strategy and certification in cyber preparedness
  • Provide educational opportunities to partners to enhance knowledge on cybersecurity
  • Consolidate and advance the implementation of all existing Forum cybersecurity initiatives


  • Kim Koro, President, Cyber Security Solutions; Senior Vice-President, Qualcomm Technologies, USA
  • Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman, Sberbank, Russian Federation
  • Rob Wainwright, Director, Europol (European Police Office), The Hague
  • Alois Zwinggi, Managing Director, World Economic Forum Moderator:
  • Georg Schmitt, Head of Corporate Affairs, World Economic Forum